Staying connected after treatment is an important component of successful recovery

Brighten Bay Onward: Forge Lasting Connections Beyond Treatment for a Transformative Journey Ahead.

Embarking on treatment marks just the initial step. Recovery extends far beyond, becoming a lifelong journey. At Brighten Bay, we’ve witnessed firsthand the profound impact of maintaining connections with fellow journeyers. This insight fuels the existence of our Brighten Bay Alumni Association, MBH Onward, designed to furnish alumni from all MBH programs with continuous support and community, empowering them to perpetuate their progress post-treatment.

Extensive research underscores the correlation between sustained engagement and enduring recovery success. Recognizing the individuality of everyone’s needs, we provide a diverse array of resources, programs, and avenues for ongoing connection. So, why not unite with us in commemorating the collective resilience of the recovery journey!

Alumni Events

As Brighten Bay continues its development in the vibrant community of Fort Pierce, FL, we’re committed to fostering a supportive environment that extends far beyond treatment. Just as recovery is an ongoing journey, our mission encompasses providing lifelong support and connection for all those who have walked through our doors.

Stay tuned for updates on the development of our Brighten Bay Alumni, specifically tailored to offer ongoing resources and a sense of community to our esteemed alumni. We understand that each individual’s journey is unique, and our forthcoming programs will cater to a variety of needs, ensuring that everyone can find their place in our supportive network.

Join us on this exciting journey as we work to celebrate the resilience and shared experiences of recovery in the beautiful setting of Fort Pierce, FL.


Daily Virtual Groups

Announced through weekly email reminders, we offer opportunities to gather online with other alumni seven days a week. In addition to our popular Recovery Enhancement Groups, we’re expanding to include specialty topics, interactive recovery sessions, and meetings that follow a 12-Step format. As with other Alumni Association offerings, these groups are free to anyone who has completed an MBH program. [NOTE: As COVID restrictions are lifted, we will resume offering in-person options at our Brighten Bay Outpatient Centers in Scottsdale, Dallas, and Silicon Valley.]

Alumni Newsletters

Our monthly online newsletters highlight various opportunities each month while offering encouragement to all alumni. There is also information about Brighten Bay-trained therapists in your area, a mid-month connection affirmation email, details about upcoming Facebook Live events, and other recommendations. Oh, and rest assured that we’ll never share or sell your email address.